Hang Gliding in Jersey

Me flying my Arial Arts Clubman at La Pulente Jersey 
Until a few years ago I was actively involved in hang gliding in Jersey flying as regularly as the weather would permit.   

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Breckenridge Colorado USA 

Skiing is another interest of mine and I love to go as often as possible. 

I have skied in Sauze d'Oulx and San Martino in Italy, Mayerhofan and Sol in Austria and La Plagne in France, then after a ten year break  
(due to financial commitments) I went to Breckenridge in Colorado. 
Out of all my skiing holidays I enjoyed the time in Colorado best and would recommend the resort to anyone thinking of making the trip. 

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I have been interested in computers since late 1991 when I bought an Amiga 500 plus then in 1992 I upgraded to an Amiga A1200 and after having the use of a 286 PC in 1993 I bought a 386. Since then I’ve upgraded quite a few times and now own an AMD Semperon 3100+ with 1024Mbg of DDR RAM, 128Mb Geforce 6600GT Graphics card, DVD+-RW DL Drive, 1 x 40Gb hard drive & 1 x 80Gb hard drive, Soundblaster Live soundcard, 3Com ADSL Router, and a 17" TFT monitor. My system currently includes an HP PSC1205 Printer/Scanner. I also have a Dell PDA, A Sony DV Camera and a Fuji F700 Digital camera. Well so much for all the specifications, what do I actually do with it all! My interests are mainly graphically orientated (about the only sign of artistic inclination I have despite my forbearer's talents!) I regularly use my scanner and cameras to import images and video for my photo and video editing software, I also indulge in a bit of on-line gaming from time to time! If you're in Jersey Channel Islands you might like to check out HTL Computers, I have obtained quite a lot of my equipment through Jeremy at HTL and can recommend his service.